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A billing company fit for all situations.

At NY Medical Billing Services, we provide an industry-leading, fully comprehensive suite of medical coding & billing solutions for private practices of all kinds. With a collection of top professional billers and decades of experience, our results are unmatched in driving maximum revenue collection & return on investment for our customers.

Medical billing is becoming increasingly more complex as new techniques, technology and industry regulation come into play. Our team is fully immersed in this environment. We understand each payor and each specialty. We utilize a wide range of technology and cutting edge tools to increase your efficiency on each claim and provide an unrivaled transparent reporting system for full visibility into our success in managing your practice’s reimbursements & collections.

Whether you’re a new practice, a physician close to retirement, a practice struggling with staffing issues, software issues or particularly complicated coding - we can put your fears to rest and provide total peace of mind.

Do you feel like you’re falling behind and just can’t keep up with outstanding claims? With declining revenues and increasing complexity, you’re not alone! The answer doesn’t have to be joining a large group-practice or hospital to succeed. We can help! 
Most billing services require specific threshold requirements or monthly claim volume minimums. We’re different. We pride ourselves on finding a solution for all. 

We also work with a huge sector of Practice Management & EHR systems. We can make recommendations on the best for your practice or adopt a workflow based on your current software suite.

Transparency & Visibility

One of the most common root causes for a practice to change billing services is a feeling of being ‘in the dark’ on where their financials are. When a practice outsources their coding and billing to another company, it's very common for there to be a lack of transparency.

  • What’s my claims acceptance rate?
  • Why are claims being denied?
  • What claims are still outstanding and is my billing service diligently following up to collect?
  • Are my payers reimbursing me below my contracted rate?
  • What is my A/R in patient collections rate?

These are all questions your medical billing company should be able to answer with readily available reports and hard data. 
New York Medical Billing Services understands these numbers and make them fully visible to you at all times. It's in our mutual interest to track, measure and prove our results to you and that's exactly what we guarantee. 
Going a step further.

What if you could benchmark your practice’s revenue, collections, physician productivity and more against other practices in your same geography and specialty? We can provide these types of insights! Our goal is to make your business best in class and we have the technology to show you how you measure up. 

Interested to find out more about why you should choose us? Check out our Why Choose Us page!

Diligent, Aggressive Follow Up on Complex Accounts

Another common issue we hear about from clients who make the transition to our outsourced physician billing solutions center around a complete lack of follow-up on complex claims and patient accounts. Most billing companies choose to only work the ‘lowest hanging fruit’ accounts and skip harder, more complex claims. This is especially relevant in larger billing companies, who focus on their top earning accounts and neglect the smaller practices with lower volumes.

That’s not an option for us!

Because of our total transparency, each client of ours would be able to see any unworked or underworked accounts and hold us accountable. It’s our complete focus to always aggressively tackle the hardest claims and unpaid balances for each client. You’re working with a company like ours to not just process the claims that are most easily reimbursed. In fact, it's our philosophy that practices hire an outsourced biller for just the opposite - to be experts in managing more difficult accounts and succeeding at collection.

Find out more of what we can offer here.

Maximum Results - The Revenue Cycle Management Partner of the Future

A black book study in 2015 that surveyed independent practices across the country revealed that 84% believe their current workflows and processes around billing and collections were in need of an upgrade.

Additionally, many areas are reporting a shortage of billing talent. With the increased complexity in the field of medical billing and lower reimbursements that could lead to decreased wages, its not a booming field to jump to. This makes running an in-house billing department more and more difficult.

Do you feel like your practice is underperforming or struggling to reach the revenue & financial goals you’ve set in place? Outsourcing is a great option and it's never been easier with the technology and expertise we can provide.

Many of our clients came to us first when they realized how large their accounts receivable balance had become, and the daunting task it would be to tackle on their own. Don’t wait until the last minute to fix potential profit leaks. We provide a free financial audit of your practice to uncover any profit losses, opportunity costs or leaks.

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Why doctors trust us

Powerful Tools and Integrated Workflows

Nearly every aspect of your practice can have an effect on the billing process. When you visit with a patient in the exam room, the level of detail you record in the visit can immediately determine the revenue earned. Correct coding, patient demographics, insurance verification and so much more also play a critical role.

Now more than ever, your billing partner needs to be fully integrated into your workflow. Adding new claims and accounts should be seamless and easy. The work we provide needs to also be instantly transmitted back to your staff for insights they need in performing their daily office functions.

Our tools provide a powerful, all-in-one solution for your practice, without compromising efficiency.

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Proven. Trusted. New York’s #1 Choice.

We get it! It’s hard to know what you don’t know. Many practices aren’t familiar with the common pitfalls of hiring a professional billing service and simply don’t know what to ask. We wrote a full blog post with the top 15 questions to ask before hiring a third party billing company. Here are the top 5:

1. What account follow up do you not handle?
As mentioned above, the majority of our competitors don’t aggressively follow-up on every claim, especially if the balance is on the lower end. Never assume that the billing agency will work everything equally. Always find out exactly what is being offered, and get it in writing.

2. How can I measure your results?
You need to be able to fully understand the success (or lack of) that your vendor is attaining. What type of reporting and visibility will you have in the process? How can you have total transparency on each account and the work that's been done?

3. Who’s working my accounts?
If you’ve ever worked with a large company, such as Athena Health, you probably dealt with inconsistency and a lack of personalized customer service. That's because they use non-local representatives to handle your claims. In fact, most of their services are outsoured to India or similar countries with lower labor costs. These individuals don’t understand the philosophy of medical billing & coding. You could have two identical claims that get worked in two very different ways. Find out who’s going to be actually working your accounts and make sure you have direct access to them via phone and email.

4. Who actually owns your billing data?
Some billing specialists stipulate in their contracts that they actually ‘own’ your data.

Make sure you find out what happens if you ever need to cancel services and want to take your data with you to the next vendor. We’re a billing service you can trust. Find out more about our medical billing services here.

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